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For many people buying a home is feeling impossible lately.  Shopping for a new home may cause the following cycle of emotions: excitement, anxiety, loss, anger, and guilt!  So before giving up, here are my “keys” to avoid that frustration and NOT miss the window to buy:

 Complete your prequalification ASAP! $$$
 Don’t be indecisive, if you stall that home will have a SOLD sign and you won’t be the one moving in!
 Perhaps…overly picky? Don’t push the sellers away requesting too many concessions.
 Pictures aren’t always accurate, if you like the area, it’s always worth looking at!
 Don’t torture yourself obsessively pouring over listings, take breaks and contact me with questions.
 If a home got away, don’t live in the past.  Set new—realistic—real estate goals, re-examine your budget, and be open to rearrange your priorities.